Executive Members

President: Calla Randall
Vice President: Josie Dallas
Treasurer: Toby Morrison
Secretary: Aine Williams

Non-Executive Members

OKB Rep: Eddy Arbe-Barnes
Computer Trustee: Benj Schneider
Oscar d'Tortoise: Matthew Vautrey
Male Welfare Trustee: Matt Alcock
Female Welfare Trustee: Anne Bast
Welfare Officer: Abigail Fletcher
Entz: Xavier Redmond, Kit Fraser-Taliente, Amy Wilkinson, Andrew Taylor, Iona Rangeley-Wilson
First Year Representatives: Ben Hopkinson, Sofya Sudets, Gemma Timmons, Isabel Morris, Joss Tricks
Access and Admissions Trustee: Mia Portman
Women's Officer: Ellie Baldwin
Arts Trustee: Hope Sutherland
OUSU and Academic Affairs Trustee: Nat Rachman
Catering Team: Isabel Morris, Carlo Quadrio Curzio, Megan Ward, and Andrew Zhu
LGBTQ Trustee and Officer: Phoebe Spruce and Felan Ragana
Environment and Ethics Trustee: Bella Forristal
Punt Reps: Freddie Gingell, Ben Kirwan, and Kaspar Senft
Independent Chair: Dominic Brind
Quartermasters: Nanami Yamaguchi and Sophie Moles
Charities Trustee and Officers: William Hosie, Isabelle Atkins, and Rachael Brown
BME Representative: Luis Avellano-Khan
Facilities Trustee: Amber Seaward
Disabled Students Representative: Emily Green

Standing for Election

To be nominated for a position, you must be proposed by two other members of the JCR who are:
(i) not currently holding an office for the JCR
(ii) not running for any of the JCR elections that term.

You also need permission from your tutors in order to stand. You can get hold of the form by emailing, which you should pidge to Jack once you get signed.

  1. Email Amanda Turner,, announcing your candidacy, or print the Electoral Rules Form, fill it out and put it in my pidge.
  2. Two eligible nominators email or pidge Amanda a statement seconding your candidacy.
  3. Send Amanda (by email) your election poster and manifesto so he can make sure it's legit . You can only use these in your campaign if you get them to Amanda within the nomination window.
  4. Get a permission sheet from Katie O'Connor in the Grammar Hall, get it signed by a tutor, then pidge it to Amanda.